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Extra Points

Quantum stream cipher based on optical communications

Hello, for extra points i investigated about quantum stream cipher based on optical communication.

There is no much information about this topic (at least i did not find too much information) but, i found a notice about  Yuen protocol, Yuen protocol or Y-00 can realize a randomized stream cipher with high bit rate(Gbps) for long distance(several hundreds km). The randomized stream cipher with randomization by quantum noise based on Y-00 is called quantum stream cipher and it may have security against known plaintext attacks which has no analog with any conventional symmetric key ciphers.

In other publication of this notice i found that Y-00 is a physical cipher that has a possibility to avoid the decipher and hence it is a promising candidate to realize secure networks. The key to success of high capacity transmission was the use of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) scheme.

Four lights with different wavelengths each carrying 10-Gbit/sec Y-00 encrypted optical signals were multiplexed into an optical fiber to attain the aggregate capacity of 40 Gbit/sec. In the experiment, it has been proved that the transmission capacity of Y-00 signals was increased by employing the WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing, this is a technology of transmission in optical fiber) scheme. The capacity can be further increased with use of more number of lights with different wavelengths. The result made a step closer to practical use of Y-00 stream cipher in the real network services. 

Tamagawa University is advancing the research on developing a cipher that is capable of disabling the decipher and realizing secure communications. The University aims at practical use of the cipher in a network to realize the unbreakable system. The quantum noise randomized stream cipher, Y-00, the University is developing is categorized into the multi-level intensity modulation from the viewpoint of modulation scheme. That is, it features that Y-00 requires no excess bandwidth. Therefore, the transmission capacity has been expected to increase with the WDM scheme that multiplexes the lights in wavelength. The scheme is widely utilized in the modern optical fiber communication for high capacity transmissions.

I know this is a short post, but i did not find more information, altough i´m not sure this is the correct topic cause i didn't prompt the the topic :S

Any doubt you can leave it in comments, however you can find more of this information in the next links(bibliography).



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